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We in order to cooperate with the state environmental protection policy,To speed up the pace of recycling and disposal of waste acid,My company's website will be uploading some waste acid treatment process。In case of need of customers to inquire029-88228178!
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Acid recycling equipment series
Low concentration industrial waste acid recycling equipment
High concentration of industrial waste acid recycling equipment
Special industrial waste acid recycling equipment
Electroplating waste acid treatment equipment
Wire acid recovery equipment
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The phone:029-88228178
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        Xi 'an ring section water treatment co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful ancient city of xi 'an,The company was founded in2000Years,Through the shaanxi provincial government for approval,High and new technology center certification set design、Research and development、The installation、Debugging、Technical service in a body's acid recovery、High-end water treatment equipment technology development and production of professional manufacturers。The company formerly known as“Xi 'an institute of environmental science and technology in modem times”,Is one specialized is engaged in environmental protection acid recycling water treatment of high-tech enterprises。Xi 'an ring section water treatment co., LTD., has the abundant technical force and of famous universities and research institutes in Shanxi Province, at the same time30A number of experts and professors、Senior engineers have good relations of cooperation。The company has been based on the acid recovery、Water treatment of high-end products research........【In more detail
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